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Hieros gamos
In the wild, wind washed, beneath the hills below the skies,
This temple is a body.
Came upon his inert rest. With lips still reddened and warm,
I sought breath in the valley of his mouth.
But empty spirits guide this house.
Cupped his chest to mine, captured by his musk
My lungs expand to weep.
Father, my brother, incest of kings.
Essence in your arms,
Names you bore for me.
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 8 5
Mature content
Enlightenment :icondy-ad:dy-ad 4 5
Headlong into war. Thrust at the dead men standing across the wall.
Melted down like bullets, they steady themselves. We steady ourselves.
An explosion of great Anarchy. A burning saint’s scream.
A collision of fools, a glorious bloodshed.
Shod in whimpered pleas,
And a smirk at my brother’s dead god.
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 5 5
In your head
That everything is with no reason
All tides are simple water
But they hit us the same
The monsters in your head
Are only in your head
Rushing down the cavern
They wipe you out
And you sleep
Bobbing in that ocean
A starry nighted motion
That rocks you into waking
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 13 3
Until the ovum opened like ghost skin,
Pooled like the ocean
And poured from my mouth.
I wasn’t aware of how god-like
We sinners could easily be.
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 17 11
The Book of Promise
Practicing a faith,
A fetish that is you.
I sing hymns carved on my tongue
By your skin.
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 13 8
I got high and found you on my mind
Resting in my lap, talking about the weather
It wasn’t stormy or even blue
Just a day when the sky couldn’t settle its mood
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 16 8
Can a person be saved by words shaped like a prayer?
Will a crown of hands lift me or will I still be dead?
I will give into the empty if you give unto me
A kiss in parting life’s evermoving sea
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 6 9
Your body silhouetted, forming a brilliant constellation
A heavenly body, carrying my weight
The speck of me drifting like dust on a damp day
Falling inward or out
I look up into you
Your eyes of long ignited fires
Blink at me from forever's
Wait, for my body to be smeared away
By the light of your closest hand
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 4 4
They lie comatose in the corners of my head
Salt circles wrap them like blankets
Ready for rituals to make them clean
But the piles grow thicker
The bile rises in rushes
I push past and rinse my mouth
And go to sleep over things that are dead to me
Electric regrets and coming storms that may not hit
I see them and they see me
A threatening tease
I confess they make me weak
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 8 0
Sanctification of the Sodomite
A galloping halo in my head
Hums hymns against hybrid sins
Odd formations on my skin like maps
Leading me astray through sweat sodden paths
Navigated by flesh
A canonical thirst for hands
On hips, they swing open like holy books
A pendulum to cut me in half
Overflowing the brim
Feeling me
Filling me
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 10 10
The whites of my eyes turned red
The whites of my eyes turned red
I was caught like a child in a swing set
As she pulled me under
White lies make up the sky
In the fantastic
I can see with my eyes and my mind
In a valley void of shadows
My eyes burn back into my head
For the light was not of god, but his muses
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 6 5
Mature content
Church :icondy-ad:dy-ad 39 34
It's a stabbing sight
Letting in the morning with a crack of the shades
And you forget you could page-turn horizons
Waft through free territory
Where acres are just beds
Made of fresh land
Wrinkles in the river
Tell remembered times
About old languages that could make you cry
About soft beds that carve away canyons
A speaking voice lifted from the earth
Begging you to remember
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 173 74
heaven crashed from orbit
I'll read your psalm slashed palms
Callous claws prey heavenward
And His fists strike you back
Knees shattered hollow by snapping tongues
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 12 6
Mature content
The Naiad and the Queen :icondy-ad:dy-ad 14 7

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